Safe, Secure, Protected.

Puncture prevention technology for commercial & consumer automotive markets.

Rigorously drum tested carrying a certificate of conformance. Each formula is eco-friendly, water based and 100% non toxic.

Four Application Grades:

Cycle +

Suitable for all bicycles with Schrader valves.

Car +

Suitable for cars, trailers, caravans, motorcycles, motor homes & mobility scooters.

Truck +

Suitable for HGV on/off-road, coaches, buses.

Plant +

Suitable for agriculture, construction, heavy plant, golf buggies, ride on mowers & quads (All off-road vehicles.)

Key Benefits:

Safe. Secure. Protected.


Tyre+ will seal 95% of punctures for Truck+ and Plant/OffRoad+ and up to 99.5% of punctures for the high speed rated Car+, on the treaded area of the tyre (assuming no structural damage to tyre). It will not seal punctures in the thin & flexible sidewall but in such a scenario, will provide the driver with a controlled deflation if the integrity of the tyre has been compromised. This will provide the driver an opportunity to remove themselves from a dangerous location and continue to a safe place or local garage.

Tyre+ does not repair a puncture, it permanently ‘seals’ the puncture, so unlike the conventional patch method, the tyre cannot fail owing to excessive heat. Heat is very beneficial to a puncture seal.

Tyre+ will take around 1500 miles to activate the specially formulated Gel to adhere to more of the inner tyre. Heat buildup is removed by conduction away from the inner tread area to the rim, because of better inner tyre coverage.

Once applied the vehicle will need to be driven 3-5 miles for the formula to evenly spread inside the tyre. A slight vibration may be felt during this process.

Tyre+ does help extend tyre life by up to 20% because of a much cooler inner tyre. This is achieved by our unique formula’s ability for full coverage inside the tyre eliminating porosity giving optimised tyre pressures and helping stop bead leaks.

Tyre+ has an added benefit of helping to increase fuel economy. Each formula helps reduce tyre drag and rolling resistance. It is widely known that keeping optimum tyre pressure can contribute up to 10% in fuel economy.

The flexing of the tyre and the usual heat buildup allows Tyre+ to find and eradicate common air loss issues. Tyre+ transforms the tyre assembly into a sealed air chamber, capable of maintaining proper air pressure.

No, our formula technology is water-based, water soluble, non-toxic, and non-hazardous therefore does not contaminate the tyres.

As the formula does not contaminate the tyres, it allows for major repairs or re-treading to be carried out.

The formulas’ ability to coat the inner surface against adverse conditions and centrifugal force is the reason why Tyre+ will not adversely affect a ‘balanced’ tyre assembly.

Slow punctures are a huge cause of blowouts and are uaually difficult to detect. Installing Tyre+ can help reduce this life-threatening situation, as we know punctures are dangerous. In the event of a larger area of damage Tyre+ will provide protection from rapid deflation by reducing it to a controlled manner.

– Car + formula seals punctures up to 6mm

– Truck+ formula seals punctures up to 15mm

-Plant/Off Road+ formula seals punctures from 9-20mm (smaller tyres) up to 30mm for larger tyres.

-Cycle+ formula seals punctures up to 3mm

No, they have been individually laboratory designed for each vehicle sector. We have used an advanced chemistry process to bond the molecules together at speeds of up to 150mph (Car+). Previously available products and current ones have simply fallen apart at around 55-65mph. Plant+ formula uses an even higher solid polymer gel which dries without any shrinkage and performs perfectly up to 50mph.

When the puncturing object is removed (by hand or by pressure), the rubber recovers and immediately closes, escaping air pushes Tyre+ into the puncture. The unique formula fibres entwine which creates a clot preventing any additional air from escaping. As the rubber recovers, the puncture closes, and the strength of the tyre holds the seal in place permanently.

No, the formula contains a special ingredient to prevent any corrosion. However, we have been advised that it is not to be installed into aluminium Alcoa truck/lorry wheels due to a statement on their website issued by their company regarding tyre sealants, balancing polymers and tyre mounting pastes in general. The formula forms a positive secure seal that is impervious to water, totally protecting the belts and inner casing from outside contaminants and corrosion. Tyre+ polymer composition is compatible with all tyre components.

Tyre+ is water based making it easy to simply wash out into your drain. It is bio degradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-flammable. This easy clean formula assures no hindrance for inspection.

Apart from drying and balling up in the tyre, the biggest negatives of other tyre sealants in a high speed rated tyre, was the inefficient ability to seal small holes, but they would seal a large dangerous hole or cut. This was due to them containing large chunks of chopped up rubber. Tyre+ formula contains tiny strands of coarse surface synthetic fibers which form an incredibly strong bond when interlocked together.

Can I use it on my cycle with a Schrader valve?

This is rare, when fitting Tyre+ it may be possible to coat the sensor during the application process. It is recommended as a precaution that once installation is completed you can inflate the tyre to the correct pressure (without replacing the valve core in situ). Then, remove the airline causing a powerful blast of air that can help to clean any formula left in the valve. Some ‘direct’ TPMS have small bore valves that will not allow regular formula to enter.

Tyre+ will give you a safe, protected solution for your business, staff, friends and loved ones. Our unique formula will help businesses reduce costly downtime, late deliveries/services, and expensive repair costs. Our product does not void tyre manufacturers’ warranties and will outlast the life of the tyre itself and can cover up to 100 punctures per tyre. Tyre+ is a simple effective product that you can’t afford not to have.

Case Studies

The Haulage Group on EcoTech Tyre+

The Haulage Group Ltd is a family-owned Logistics Company, operating since 1960. We operate in various industries including, National and International clients for general, automotive, just-in-time, consumable and waste management. Constantly suffering from serious downtime due to tyre related issues, punctures, blow outs etc, we were contacted by “Yet another tyre product supplier.” After multiple meetings and discussion, we began a 12-month trial period using EcoTech Tyre+. The results are phenomenal…!! “No more downtime, logistical and financial. Drivers being towed from Motorways, huge costs, missed delivery slots, free return deliveries for failures due to tyre issues. My lads are over the moon.” (F Thorpe, Assistant Transport Manager). “I have had multiple punctures & the odd blowout while delivering/collecting for the recycling arm of the business. This stuff is great. No more waiting at the side of the road for 6hrs at a time – brilliant” (D Merrins, Driver). “I have noticed a huge improvement in the day to day running of the Transport business. As a result, we have reduced our tyre bill by an average of £9000 per month. Tyres last longer, cooler running temperature (Less risk of blowout) and no vibration issues. Over the years, we have tested different tyre sealants and other products, none of which have performed to this standard.” (J Dale, Transport Manager). EcoTech Tyre+ has had an enormous impact on operations and is highly recommended by The Haulage Group Ltd.

John Dale – Transport Manager – The Haulage Group Ltd

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