Burns Faster, Stronger & Cleaner.

Ultra performance solution for automotive, maritime & power generation applications.

The introduction of ultra low sulphur and bio-diesel blends has decreased the lubrication and stability within the fuel.

EcoTech Fuel+ has been designed, tested in road, rail, marine and stationary power generation to reduce these effects.

All fuel characteristics remain within standard EN590 and can be used with all fuel formations, including Bio diesel, HVO, synthetic diesel, ethanol, and urea/water, creating environmentally friendly finished fuel blends.

Key Benefits:

Burns Faster, Stronger & Cleaner


No, when EcoTech Fuel+ is added to clean fuel it still conforms to EN 590. EcoTech Fuel+ is also biodegradable , and contains no heavy metals or toxins.

No, independent tests and usage programs have shown that EcoTech Fuel+’s unique formula will extend the life of engines and engine components such as fuel pumps.

Yes, EcoTech Fuel+ is added pre combustion, where as Ad Blu is sprayed post combustion into the exhaust system.

No, indeed as it drastically reduces particulates it extends the life of catalytic converters.

Yes, and replaces the calorific shortfall in bio diesel, plus solves many problems associated with biodiesel.

At this moment we cannot treat individual vehicles, however we have a variety of bulk fuel tank dosing systems that treat the fuel as it is delivered.

No, once treated with EcoTech Fuel+ remains in solution.

It will not clean a tank, but as it disperses water , it prevents algae forming in the tank.

Yes, in fact as older engines are not as efficient as modern engines, the results can be even more effective.

Yes, provided it is clean and not contaminated.

Case Studies

The Haulage Group on EcoTech Fuel+

A case study has been completed covering all aspects/activities of The Haulage Group giving the following results:

A total increase of 7.17 % in fuel economy returns based on a 600,000 L intake. This has resulted in the Haulage Group achieving a total financial saving of £64,484 on fuel costs alone, which equates to 43,600 less Litre consumption.

They said “EcoTech Fuel Additive has had a massive impact on our efficiency and operating costs helping us to stay ahead of the game. I thoroughly recommend any business big or small to start using Ecotech , you can’t afford not to”.

John Dale – Transport Manager – The Haulage Group Ltd

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